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M.Canales.es labuenaestaenlafirma at terra.es
Mon Nov 10 10:54:50 PST 2003

El Lun 10 Nov 2003 18:35 Roland Riegel escrbió:

> Where do the above files come from? Are these from the official mirrors
> (see http://www.de.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/packages.html)? And why do the

This packages AREN'T offcials, has been created by volunters (I am one) 
until Gerard can make the official tarball.

> two tarballs on the mirrors have different checksums? I think there should
> be copies of only _one_ _single_ tarball, so that all copies have the same

The package in www.lfs-es.org is a tarball of the 5.0 directory than contain 
all the packages and patches. The package in gaosu.rave.com is a tarball of 
the packages a patches. For this reason the md5sums are different.

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