Sync up acknowledments list with new mirrors

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Nov 10 06:48:35 PST 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Hi Gerard Beekmans. You said the following on 11/07/03 17:21:
>> Hi there,
>> When I added that new mirror yesterday I forgot to update the ack's
>> page. Can somebody take care of this, maybe check to make sure all new
>> recent mirrors are listed?
> IIRC James Robertson has taken it upon himself to keep this page 
> up2date? If not, I'll do it after the weekend.

Shoot.  I forgot to keep an eye on this.  I can do it tomorrow.  I don't 
have CVS access from work any longer :-( and I am going to see Matrix 
Revolutions tonite.  If you guys want to do it that is fine or I'll get 
to it then.


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