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> >   +			<p>Besides the stable releases you can also read the development in-progress version of the book from CVS. There are currently two branches in CVS. CVS HEAD is the main development branch which will lead to the next major release, 6.0 at the moment. The other branch is the so-called stable branch, which means keeping 5.0 up-to-date package wise, critical bugs, spell fixes and whatever else gets put into it for 5.0. The 5.x branch will always be stable and because it requires little testing at any given time, we can get the 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, etc release out relatively quick. CVS HEAD will be our bleeding edge stuff again, may not always work, etc, etc.</p>

Screwed this one up.

> s/development branch which will/development branch, which will/

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