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+Title: nALFS CVS snapshots now include DTD and documentation
+Author: Kevin P. Fleming
+Date: 2003/11/06
+		<p>The nALFS CVS snapshots (made nightly) now include the latest DTD and snapshots of the CVS documentation (syntax document, hacker's guide and user's guide). These snapshots are downloadable from the <a href="downloads/cvs">current CVS</a> download area.</p>
+		<p>The CVS DTD is no longer available as a separate file in the download area. If you would like a copy of that file separately, you can use the <a href="">CVS Web interface</a>.</p>
  Title: nALFS buildprofile for LFS-5.0-pre3
  Author: David Wheeler
  Date: 2003/11/02

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