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   			<p>The book itself is written in <abbr title="Extensible Markup Language">XML</abbr>, so you need to have the proper software installed. The book's source comes with XML usage instructions and the required software installation instructions.</p>
   			<p>You have a few options to access the CVS archive of the LFS-Book. If you have the CVS program installed, you can checkout a copy of the current LFS book and work with the XML files yourself. To do so, run the following command:</p>
   				<code>cvs -z9 -d :pserver:anonymous at checkout LFS</code>
  +			<p>To get a copy of the stable 5.0 branch, run the following command:</p>
  +				<code>cvs -z9 -d :pserver:anonymous at checkout -r v5_0 LFS</code>
   			<p>There are two files in the LFS Book source tree, named README and INSTALL you should read. They explain how you can setup your system to work with the XML files and how to transform it to other formats like HTML, PDF, PS and TXT.</p>
   		<h3>CVS Web</h3>
   			<p>The second option is to view the LFS source tree online in our <a href="" title="View the most current LFS sources">CVS Web interface</a>.</p>

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