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  +Title: Organization Documents Version 0.1 Open for Discussion
  +Author: Bill Maltby
  +Date: 2003/10/23
  +		<p>Minor wording changes and added several references to the volunteer nature of the organization, per Greg Schafer's suggestion. Included the manifesto in the text versions available for download and viewing.</p>
  +		<p>As before:</p>
  +		<ul>
  +			<li>Preferred, <a href="">view/update at wiki</a></li>
  +			<li>New download from:
  +				<ul>
  +					<li><a href="">LfsOrgDocs-pre-1.tar.bz2</a></li>
  +					<li><a href="">LfsOrgDocs-pre-1.tar.gz</a></li>
  +					<li><a href="">TextFiles</a></li>
  +				</ul>
  +			</li>
  +		</ul>
  +		<p>If you must: Replies <strong>only</strong> to lfs-dev AT please!</p>
  +		<p>Very little interest, I guess, based on lack of activity. Or maybe I did a bang-up job! Anyway, these will be final versions (after editing for consistent and somewhat correct sytax and style) unless some good feedback indicates significant changes should be made.</p>
  +		<p>Please take the time to review and comment if you haven't done so already. LFS is trying to effectively address issues that have come up in the past and these documents provide the foundation for progress towards that end. I encourage you to use the wiki for your comments.</p>
   Title: Organization Documents Version 0.1 Open for Discussion
   Author: Bill Maltby

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