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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sun Nov 2 18:47:27 PST 2003

Hi Kevin P. Fleming. You said the following on 11/02/03 20:45:
> 1) Profile for LFS 5.0-pre3 was just uploaded.
> 2) CVS snapshots are now available (a detailed posting about this was 
> sent to alfs-discuss recently).
> 3) The ALFS 3.1 DTD is now available in the "current stable" and 
> "current CVS" download areas.
> If a "news editor" wants me to flesh out any of these items, please ask. 
> Also, the news item about the 1.2.0-gnubuild-preX releases should be 
> removed, as that is old news now.
> Thanks!

OK done. I've combined item 2 and three into one newsitem and also 
copied item 1 to the LFS newspage.

You're welcome to add newsitems yourself if you feel like it. Just 
remember to write valid XHTML (check the generated newsfile with xmllint 
-valid -noout). It's easiest to just copy a newsitem and adjust its 
content. The file to adjust is: www/alfs/news-2003.txt. Note that 
linebreaks are important (don't use them in paragraphs), just as the 
beginning --NEWS_ITEM_BOUNDARY (you wouldn't be the first to b0rk the 
frontpage by doing something illegal with the file. Anderson will 
implement some checks when he has the time, but until then, just check 
if the newspage still renders in Mozilla or Konqueror).

Oh yeah, there are only 2 newsitems displayed on the frontpage. Older 
news is moved to the newsarchives, so old news should not be removed.

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