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   <div id="index">
   <h2>The LFS FAQ</h2>
  +<h3>Created by Seth W. Klein</h3>
  +<h3>Maintained by <a href="jeroen at">Jeroen Coumans</a></h3>
   		<dt>1.  <a href="#intro">Introduction</a></dt>
  @@ -95,7 +97,8 @@
   					<dt>5.9. <a href="#bootcd">How do I make a bootable CD?</a></dt>
   					<dt>5.10. <a href="#really-small">How do I make that really small install the book mentions?</a></dt>
   					<dt>5.11. <a href="#cross-compile">How do I cross compile LFS?</a></dt>
  -					<dt>5.12. <a href="#old-sources">I'm having trouble compiling something really old.</a></dt><dt>5.13. <a href="#lfs-logos">Where can I get LFS Logos?</a></dt><dt>5.14. <a href="#quake3">You LFSers play Quake?!?</a></dt>
  +					<dt>5.12. <a href="#old-sources">I'm having trouble compiling something really old.</a></dt>
  +					<dt>5.13. <a href="#lfs-logos">Where can I get LFS Logos?</a></dt><dt>5.14. <a href="#quake3">You LFSers play Quake?!?</a></dt>
   		<dt>6.  <a href="#fsc">Frequently Sought Cluebits</a>
  @@ -207,12 +210,14 @@
   			<li><h5>1.3. Thanks</h5></li>
   				<p>Okay, so this isn't really a FAQ but i had to put it somewhere. ;-)</p>
  -				<p>This FAQ is dedicated, not to a beautiful woman, but to my Uncle John, who first suggested (in the kindest possible way) that i should get, "a real operating system."</p>
  +				<p>This FAQ is dedicated to all the hard-working people on the support lists who keep me busy with
  +this FAQ ;-). </p>
   				<p>Thanks go to...</p>
  +						<li>Seth W. Klein for creating and maintaining this FAQ before me.</li>
   						<li>All the guys (and all of the few girls as well, wish there were more of you) on the lists, from whose answers so many of these answers come.</li>
   						<li>Especially those of you who sort out a question, it's symptoms, and it's answer and mail the lot to me. Your ids are immortalized in the commit logs (though only for the span of a digital forever, but hey, i try :-)</li>
  -						<li>Tushar Teredesai and Jeroen Coumans who have been particularly tireless in posting FAQ links to lfs-support.</li>
  +						<li>Tushar Teredesai, Chris Lingard, Jeremy Utley, The Cheeze and countless other people who regularly post FAQ links to the support lists.</li>
   						<li>The BLFS editors whose book produces so delightfully few FAQs.</li>
  @@ -290,7 +295,7 @@
   				<p>Suggestions are more than welcome. The FAQ maintainer can be reached either via direct email or on the appropriate mailing list.</p>
   				<p>Useful suggestions include the aliition of questions that are actually frequently asked -- with well researched answers -- and the removal of questions that are obsolete.</p>
  -				<p>Serious, regular contributors are also welcome. If you're interested in doing this, you'll need to check the FAQ out of LFS CVS just like you would the book, and modify the DocBook XML source. Those modifications would normally be submitted as patches generated with "diff -Naur", but for simple aliitions which mostly involve the aliition of a single file, it may be simpler just to send the new file.</p>
  +				<p>If you intend to regularly contribute to this FAQ, you might want to <a href="../mail.html">subscribe</a> to the FAQ mailinglist. All suggestions, additions (and sometimes removals) of the FAQ are discussed there. Patches against the FAQ are also welcome, allthough the current FAQ will undergo some changes to make it easier to navigate.</p>
   				<p>Everything intended to go in the FAQ without substantial editing must be well thought out, checked, and researched; and written in a style consistent with the existing content.</p>

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