P2P packages and bitTorrent Details

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Fri Jun 27 11:54:59 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Jason Gurtz said the following on 27-6-2003 18:12:
>>>So belgarath doesn't have to be burdened with 
>>>distributing it, we just need some people who are willing to keep those 
>>>packages in their shared directory.
>> Yea, that's the idea.  Maybe the best way is to have lfs-specific
>> patches and scripts and things still available via http and ftp but
>> offer all the packages through P2P (as well as the custom lfs stuff).
> Btw, Gerard has allready said that it's too much of a security hassle to 
> set it up on the LFS server and he's not familiar with the P2P protocols 
> and servers. So a couple of people who'd be willing to try it out would 
> be nice. Did you find anything about security? So if we really want to 
> enforce band-width constraints, then the freshmeat pages, wget scripts 
> and P2P combo would be the way. LFS patches and scripts can be 
> distributed via the server.

OK, yup.  One thing is that bitTorrent is pretty new still.  It seems
like it would have less of a chance of having buffer overflow type
problems due to it being a python thing and having some manner of
garbage collection built in.  The beauty of the protocol it's self is
that the "server" is not taking part in any peer-to-peer "activity" like
the clients do.  By activity, I mean downloading additional content and
then offering it for download.  In simple terms, the only files offered
for download from the server are the files originaly put there by the
admin.  In fact, even if additional files were to be put in the "shared"
folder they would not be available until the .torrent index file was

Gerard is right though, IMO.  BitTorrent seems to be on the new and
somewhat immature side and probably best to burn it in on some others'
servers.  I'll have to think about wheather I want to try and swing
setting up a "seed " server here at work.  We have a full ds1 line, but
there is other stuff that has to use it and lfs packages have proved
quite popular to DL.  At any rate, I'd want to set up a dedicated
machine to do it.  I wonder if I can find a spare scsi adapter arround
here?  I do have a couple of spare 9.1 gig 'cudas  ;)

OK, in order to move forward w/ bt, I'd say we should try and recruit at
least 4 or 5 people who would set up seed machines.  The .torrent file
would still be served off of belgarath, but that's just a static file
and all the machines would first come to the machine set up as the
"server" i.e. running the tracker app.

>> Yea, I agree that kazza is about usless in this context.  If edonkey
>> supports the special mime-type downloading that may just work.
> It does. It has at least two clients for Unix/Linux. And AFAIK all it 
> requires for setup is mlDonkey, which is allready a very reliable 
> daemon. It also supports multiple networks. I'm running it too 24x7 and 
> I'll set it up again once my laptop's fixed. Just need to download the 
> lfs-4.1 tarball and add the key to the website.

I'll have to check that out.  It sounds pretty good.

>> OK, more details I've found, an executive summary of running a
>> bitTorrent server.  I've also found a full fledged review of the system
>> written from the context of sysAdmin/user at:
>> <http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/28462>
> <snip>
> Wow, that's quite some work! I thought it was simply a matter of running 
> a server app, adjusting Apache and be done with it. Can we use other 
> people's trackers or websites; I mean, if they offer RH9 then they 
> should also offer LFS ;)

Yea, that's another option to look at.  I shall try to find someone
maybe this WE even that would do so.  Only prob is radio amature field
day is this WE so will be part of a crew blasting some kilowatts into
the air, trying to talk to people all over the world  ;)

>> Yea, good way to look at it :)  It's all ready looking quite nice.
> Thanks. How's your logo doing? ;)

eek, not any farther yet.  I've been trying to have an epipheny to come
up w/ better ideas.

>> The other thing about bit torrent is that I can see a need to develop
>> a page or few describing the setup of various client browsers to
>> recognize the .torrent file mime type and also maybe pointers to
>> relevent software ports.
> Or just point them to good HowTo's. At first, the P2P distribution is a 
> convenience for people who allready have client apps. If we should fully 
> switch to P2P distribution we should provide support for it. Which 
> probably also means adding a BLFS section... ;)

Yea, that's probably so.  I was just thinking after how the bootable
businesscard project does it.  Check out




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