P2P packages and bitTorrent Details

Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at gmx.net
Fri Jun 27 09:38:04 PDT 2003

Jason Gurtz said the following on 27-6-2003 18:12:
>>So belgarath doesn't have to be burdened with 
>>distributing it, we just need some people who are willing to keep those 
>>packages in their shared directory.
> Yea, that's the idea.  Maybe the best way is to have lfs-specific
> patches and scripts and things still available via http and ftp but
> offer all the packages through P2P (as well as the custom lfs stuff).

Btw, Gerard has allready said that it's too much of a security hassle to 
set it up on the LFS server and he's not familiar with the P2P protocols 
and servers. So a couple of people who'd be willing to try it out would 
be nice. Did you find anything about security? So if we really want to 
enforce band-width constraints, then the freshmeat pages, wget scripts 
and P2P combo would be the way. LFS patches and scripts can be 
distributed via the server.

> Yea, I agree that kazza is about usless in this context.  If edonkey
> supports the special mime-type downloading that may just work.

It does. It has at least two clients for Unix/Linux. And AFAIK all it 
requires for setup is mlDonkey, which is allready a very reliable 
daemon. It also supports multiple networks. I'm running it too 24x7 and 
I'll set it up again once my laptop's fixed. Just need to download the 
lfs-4.1 tarball and add the key to the website.

> OK, more details I've found, an executive summary of running a
> bitTorrent server.  I've also found a full fledged review of the system
> written from the context of sysAdmin/user at:
> <http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/28462>
Wow, that's quite some work! I thought it was simply a matter of running 
a server app, adjusting Apache and be done with it. Can we use other 
people's trackers or websites; I mean, if they offer RH9 then they 
should also offer LFS ;)

> Yea, good way to look at it :)  It's all ready looking quite nice.

Thanks. How's your logo doing? ;)

> The other thing about bit torrent is that I can see a need to develop
> a page or few describing the setup of various client browsers to
> recognize the .torrent file mime type and also maybe pointers to
> relevent software ports.

Or just point them to good HowTo's. At first, the P2P distribution is a 
convenience for people who allready have client apps. If we should fully 
switch to P2P distribution we should provide support for it. Which 
probably also means adding a BLFS section... ;)

> Hopefully your lappy is fixed soon  :)

Probably will take a couple of weeks :(

Jeroen Coumans

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