Package distribution via P2P

Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Fri Jun 27 07:43:50 PDT 2003

Jason Gurtz said the following on 27-6-2003 16:23:
>>I don't have experience with Bit Torrent although I thought about it 
>>too. Do you know what is required to support that?
> I've looked at it only briefly my self, but it seemed more geared to
> somthing like distributed mirroring where the user knows exactly what
> (s)he wants than things like kazza or the eDonkey thing which seem to me
> geared more for finding/searching for somthing.  Also, though kazza and
> them have multi-source DL developed now, torrent was developed from the
> begining with that as a core feature.

The eDonkey network is setup alike: once the package has spread among 
clients, every client can download from other clients. Clients who 
upload a lot are rewarded with more download speed. No leeching! Files 
can be spread with edk:// links, which are picked up by the eDonkey 
client. (See sharereactor as a good example of how to distribute content 
with eDonkey). So belgarath doesn't have to be burdened with 
distributing it, we just need some people who are willing to keep those 
packages in their shared directory.

> I'm going to do some more research now and see what I can find (I've
> started reading:  <>).
> Seems like the perfect thing cause it's also geared for a "click this
> link here to download" type user experience.

That's exactly what we need. I came up with eDonkey and Kazaa since 
those are the most common P2P networks. Allthough Kazaa doesn't have 
much Linux users so we can probably concentrate on eDonkey (mlDonkey, 
xMule), Gnutella2 and now BitTorrent.

> This really seems like a great idea.  I'm rather surprised it hasn't
> really come up seriously before.

Obvious things are only in hindsight obvious. I've redesigned some other 
pages too, eg. the news pages, adopt-a-hint, mirror enforcement, better 
navigation etc. More is in the queu once my laptop's restored; next up 
for a redesign is the FAQ.
The whole redesign of the website is supposed to be "d'oh, why wasn't it 
like this before?". If I get responses like that, I've succeeded in my 
mission ;)

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