Package distribution via P2P

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Fri Jun 27 07:41:05 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 10:23, Jason Gurtz wrote:
> Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> > Jason Gurtz said the following on 27-6-2003 15:52:
> > 
> >>Sorry, missed the start of the thread.  How about Bit Torrent?
> > 
> > (Original message privately forwarded)
> OK, thanks, got it.
> > I don't have experience with Bit Torrent although I thought about it 
> > too. Do you know what is required to support that?
> I've looked at it only briefly my self, but it seemed more geared to
> somthing like distributed mirroring where the user knows exactly what
> (s)he wants than things like kazza or the eDonkey thing which seem to me
> geared more for finding/searching for somthing.  Also, though kazza and
> them have multi-source DL developed now, torrent was developed from the
> begining with that as a core feature.
> I'm going to do some more research now and see what I can find (I've
> started reading:  <>).
> Seems like the perfect thing cause it's also geared for a "click this
> link here to download" type user experience.
> This really seems like a great idea.  I'm rather surprised it hasn't
> really come up seriously before.

I would agree - I used BT to download a set of RH9 isos, and pulled down
the 3 iso files in like 4 hours on my cable modem - it's definately more
efficient than a straight download, and if it can be figured out, I'd be
more than happy to provide some of my upstream connectivity to making
the packages available by this means - I've not really looked into what
it would take to set up a BT "server" tho.


> Cheers,
> ~Jason

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