Package distribution via P2P

Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Thu Jun 26 18:16:24 PDT 2003

Gerard Beekmans said the following on 06/27/03 00:28:
> On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 05:04, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>>Well, to summarize, is this a viable solution for package distribution? 
>>Or would it be too much of a hassle to setup?
> It might be, but I don't feel comfortable setting this up on the LFS
> server, mostly from a security point of view. I don't know those
> protocols and servers very well so I don't know how secure it is. I
> would say leave it for now, I'm ok with doing some research and testing
> down the road, but I don't forsee having much time to do this any time
> soon. In the mean while I wouldn't mind of people send me some
> documentation explaining the security of those servers. 

Yes I understand. I'll post a message to blfs-support, maybe someone has 
  experience with P2P distribution. Perhaps we can find also find some 
volunteers who can keep files under their shared directories.

Jeroen Coumans

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