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Wed Jun 25 07:46:59 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 03:36, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Don't want to sound like a total idiot here, but I've never worked from 
> a developers point-of-view with CVS and kind of wondering how I should 
> proceed to convert the new site to a repository...

Step one would be creating a repository first for you. Maybe under the
'www' repository already existing and call this one 'test' or something
to that effect. Currently when you "cvs checkout www" you get the lfs,
alfs, blfs and hints websites. "test" would be added to it (and you can
run checkout www/test to just get it).

Then it's a matter of somebody running cvs import and should be ready to
roll then.

> I think I need a repository on the server right? Also, can someone tell 
> me if my directory structure is setup OK to handle user navigation via 
> http://{automated,beyond,hints} and via 
> {www,mirror}{lfs,alfs,blfs,hints}?
> TIA,

CVS rep on the server would be handy, that way other people than just
you can get to it.

If the directory structure is OK to handle I don't know yet, I'll have
to look at it later. Mirrors probably shouldn't use CVS to sync the
website (although it would be handy). Right now they all use rsync and
I'll setup rsync again soon enough.

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