Package distribution via P2P

Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Wed Jun 25 04:04:10 PDT 2003

At I've put up 
a section for package distribution via P2P networks. A lot of people 
allready make use of P2P networks, so why not let us save some bandwidth 
by distributing packages via P2P? In principle, only the larger packages 
should be distributed like this. For LFS, the complete package tarball 
and perhaps Chris Lingard's bootable ISO are perfect candidates. For 
BLFS, any larger package section is ideal, ie. KDE, Gnome, etc.

The advantage of using this mechanism instead of FTP is of course 
deferring a large portion of network capacity to the user instead of the 
server. Also, eDonkey assures package integrity by MD5sum and BitTorrent 
via a cryptographic challenge. Slashdot seems to successfully make us 
Bittorrent to account for its famous /. effect. I don't know if Kazaa or 
Gnutella are also viable distribution mechanisms but these can of course 
also be included.

The disadvantage is that we need to run an eDonkey server (or client?) 
on belgarath.
For running a full eDonkey server: and

The best general open source client is mlDonkey 
(, which is divided in a 
daemon backend and different (GUI) frontends, via GTK, web, commandline 
or telnet. It supports all common P2P networks.

I've not investigated the exact requirements, but running only mlDonkey 
on the server should be enough for people  distributing. In the 
~mldonkey/shared should be the packages we want to distribute.

Well, to summarize, is this a viable solution for package distribution? 
Or would it be too much of a hassle to setup?

Jeroen Coumans

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