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   	<h3 id="roadmap">Roadmap</h3>
   		<h4>James Robertson - 2003/08/28</h4>
   		<p>I see the "Possible interim release?" thread turning more into a roadmap discussion.  I think that the leadership team needs to come to some agreement as to what path we want to take from here with regard to stable releases.  A  roadmap does not have to include dates, it is just a list of major talking points (milestones) with regard to the project and in what version we see them showing up in.  From the last thread, I see one possible roadmap.</p>
  -		<h5>4.2</h5>
  -		<ul>
  -			<li>Minor interim release.</li>
  -			<li>Updates the package list in v4.1 with the most current available that do not break the old toolchain method.</li>
  -			<li>Fixes various errata found in the online and printed version of the v4.1 book.</li>
  -		</ul>
  -		<dl>
  -			<dt>Release Schedule Target:</dt><dd>As soon as possible.</dd>
  -			<dt>Rationale (Pro's):</dt><dd>Provides a quick update to an already stable build method (albeit not ideal) while providing continued educational value for Linux and/or LFS newcomers to continue building a system from scratch without having to deal with the vagaries of the CVS version.
  -			<dt>Objections (Con's):</dt><dd>Does not really add a lot of value to the Linux community as a whole.  This version is being used only as a stop gap measure to hold the project over time wise with the upcoming v5.0 release and the massive changes it will entail.
  -		</dl>
  -		<h5>v5.0</h5>
  -		<ul>
  -			<li>Initial stable release of the new toolchain build method; also known as Pure LFS.</li>
  -			<li>Fix up the bootscript method(s).</li>
  -			<li>Consider any patches from the patches project that are required by the new toolchain build method for inclusion in the book (e.g. making sure that the make check/test commands all work as expected).</li>
  -			<li>Includes updates to the book to discuss what is required on a host system to build a v5.0 LFS box.  This includes, but in not limited to: /dev/pts and /dev/shm mounted (for GCC and Glibc make check's respectively), completed package dependencies, etc.</li>
  -			<li>GRUB upgrade.</li>
  -			<li>Book content restructuring for a more streamlined and professional look.</li>
  -		</ul>
  -		<dl>
  -			<dt>Release Schedule Target:</dt><dd>2 to 3 months post v4.2.</dd>
  -			<dt>Rationale (Pro's):</dt><dd>Provides a major enhancement to the book, especially in the area of toolchain implementation and content organization.  Enhances some other areas of the book that have been needed for some time, but due to issues with getting v4.1 to print were dropped.  Adds new value to the Linux community and educational value to our new and existing readers.</dd>
  -			<dt>Objections (Con's):</dt><dd>Does not include the new XML formatting which would/should help with going to print.</dd>
  -		</dl>
  -		<h5>v5.1</h5>
  -		<ul>
  -			<li>Complete XML backend redesign.  This is to help facilitate better converstion to multiple formats (TXT, PDF, PS, LaTex, etc.) and allow other tools to pull the commands out of the book for automated testing and building tools (see the ALFS project).</li>
  -			<li>Fixes various errata found in the online and printed version of the v5.0 book.</li>
  -			<li>Update packages the most current stable versions.</li>
  -			<li>Do away with the old MAKEDEV script and start using the new make_devices script.  Include verbiage for a manual approach to the book for added educational value in the areas of creating device files by hand (which are crucial to a Linux system) and where infomation on device major and minor numbers can be found.</li>
  -			<li>Add a diagnostic script to provide a mechanism for a reader of the book to perform a test on the toolchain created in CH5.</li>
  -			<li>Modify the toolchain creation steps so that a reader can save a tar file of /stage1 for use on any box of the same platform (target-triple).</li>
  -		</ul>
  -		<dl>
  -			<dt>Release Schedule Target:</dt><dd>1 to 2 months post v5.0.  Should be in active development from v4.2 and available as a brach in CVS.</dd>
  -			<dt>Rationale (Pro's):</dt><dd>The book has been needing this for some time. Since this change is mostly internal, include it as a minor update to the book since the actual contents will change little.  This also helps the teams manage change in a structured and organized way.</dd>
  -			<dt>Objections (Con's):</dt><dd>Could be included in the v5.0 book with minimal impact to the timeline.</dd>
  -		</dl>
  -		<h5>v6.0</h5>
  -		<ul>
  -			<li>Include v2.6.x of the Linux Kernel.</li>
  -			<li>Include corrections to the toolchain and packages with regard to the new kernel.</li>
  -			<li>Lots of stuff that JamesR can't think of at the moment, but should probably wait until here.</li>
  -		</ul>
  -		<dl>
  -			<dt>Release Schedule Target:</dt><dd>2 to 3 months post v5.1.  Should be in active development from v4.2 and available as a brach in CVS.</dd>
  -			<dt>Rationale (Pro's):</dt><dd>v2.6 of the Linux Kernel is a major stable upgrade to GNU/Linux.  There are more items added to 2.6 that can be mentioned here.  This should be obvious to everyone.</dd>
  -			<dt>Objections (Con's):</dt><dd>Will be put out about the time 2.6.5 or some enters the 'net.  Some will argue that 2.6.1 will be just fine and we can get that into the book earlier.</dd>
  -		</dl>
  +		<p>(Note - the roadmap was removed since it has changed significantly from the original. The current version is found in the wiki.</p>
   		<p>Please understand that this is a PROPOSED roadmap.  I have placed a copy of this in the <a href="">wiki</a>. Hopefully we can to some agreement as to the path we want to take and move on from discussion to action.</p>
   		<p>Read reactions to this roadmap on <a href="">lfs-dev</a>.</p>
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