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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Aug 28 10:04:50 PDT 2003

I said the following on 08/28/03 01:35:
> Hi Gerard Beekmans. You said the following on 08/27/03 19:17:
>> I believe this concludes it then, right? You should be able to test out
>> all your new templates.
> Cool; I have all day tomorrow (thursday) so hopefully I'll be able to 
> fix all remaining bugs. Thanks :)

My day is allmost over and it isn't as simple as I thought. Mailman has 
an addition Python script which generates a lot of old HTML which also 
needs to be adjusted. It is fully functional, allthough still a bit ugly.

Bugzilla is even more work, allthough I managed to create a valid 
frontpage for it. I've just mailed the bugzilla mailing list with a 
request for valid XHTML templates. If these exist, it should make my 
work a lot easier, to the point of only adjusting two or three files. 
Now I'm facing the job of adjusting dozens of them...

I've succeeded with swish though. The rest will have to wait, maybe 
untill after site launch. I'll continue to work on them.

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