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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Aug 27 10:17:42 PDT 2003


I'm about ready here to let you work on the mailman templates in the
existing installation of Mailman. The way I'm doing this is having you
use the mailman-test list for this. I've configured the list to be able
to be displayed in multiple languages. I added "Dutch" to it, so when
you browse around select the "Dutch" language where possible.

It'll still display in English, but it'll switch to a different template
directory that no other list uses. I've simply removed the Dutch text
and replaced them with the English versions.

There was one problem I encountered: your mailman templates, at least
the listinfo.html file I worked with, don't work with different
languages. The default language is still English so you have to manually
switch to Dutch. If you check you will see
the button on the right "View this page in" and a list with alternate

Your modified listinfo.html doesn't have this button so it'll be hard to
switch back and forth from the original (English) to the test template

Here's the original code block from the English listinfo.html:

<MM-lang-form-start><MM-displang-box> <MM-list-langs>

You'll want to incorporate that somewhere. If a list is configured to
only one language, it won't show a box, just the one language (see for example). After the
templates are done, you can remove that block, or whatever. For now you
could probably just add it to the very bottom or top of the new
listinfo.html page so it's usable.

The files are located in /home/mailman/templates/nl/

I believe this concludes it then, right? You should be able to test out
all your new templates.

One caveat: style and image directories don't exist yet. I don't see
errors in the logs which directories it tried to access so I don't know
where to create the symlinks. I guess it's a problem caused by them
being CGI programs.

Gerard Beekmans

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