News archive database recomendation (was: Re: Draft of script)

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Tue Aug 26 17:54:48 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> > It's possible, but to make sure that the newsid is unique, We have
> > to use MD5 keys (ddce269a1e3d054cae349621c198dd52). Maybe you've
> > seen something similar on news sites. Or we can add a "id" field to
> > the database format.
> Ugh that's ugly :-(
> We allready have an id for each newsitem. Can't we just use those? I
> promise that they will all be unique (within one year of course :-) )

So we have to add an id field to the news database format. The (I hope 
;-) final "recomendation" will then be:
title: The News Title
author: Author Name
date: YYYY/MM/DD
id: unique_newsid
<p>The news item's content goes here. It could contain any kind and 
number of tags, like <b>this</b> or <em>this</em>.</p>
<p>Remember to insert all text typed here inside tags.</p>

title: Another News Item
author: ...

Important notes:
- the field name must be in lowercase. Eg: "title:"
- title, author, date and id fields must be of one line length each.
- the id field cannot have spaces (except to separate it from the "id:" 
identifier), and preferably be in lowercase.
- the content field must be enclosed by tags (like <p>this</p>), and can 
have one line or more. It cannot have the expression "title:" in the 
begin of a line. Eg:

<p>This is an example of a wrong use of the
title: expression in the begin of a line inside the content: field.</p>

when the parser find the text above, it will add a news item with the 
title "expression in the begin of a line inside the content: 

- The title field must be the first one inside a record, and the content 
field must be the last one. The order of the other fields are 
undefined, but it's recommended to use the following order:
title - author - date - id - content

PS.: I think it would be better if we use a 
already-written-and-well-tested recomendation, but for now we can use 
the structure above. If we decide that is better to change to another 
standard, it's just a matter of write a script to do the conversion.
Anderson Lizardo

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