Draft of archive_news.pl script

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at yahoo.com.br
Tue Aug 26 17:15:49 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> I keep trying:
> instead of a base URL which is added to all links, wat about a
> conversion table which decides how links should be converted based on
> how they start?
> - every link which starts with # will stay the same.
> - links which start with ../ will be converted to
> http://linuxfromscratch.org/

Looking this way... Yes, you're right ;-)

> This would take care of all issues right? We can correctly determine
> the implied location of relative links and convert these to absolute
> links. We can also differentiate page bookmarks and URL's to files.
> So this should be possible. The conversion should take place in the
> permanent archive then.

Yes. But remember that links to old news, like this (extracted from "New 
editor" news item):

His most recent work is a <a href="#bookredone">rewriting of the 
book</a> with a new structure.

need to be changed by-hand to 
http://linuxfromscratch.org/news/lfs/2003/08.html#bookredone once the 
news archives are online, because there's no way, without some 
difficulty, to the script discover the exact location of the news item 
inside the archives. It's like insert links to mail threads: you have 
to specify the exact location of the thread on the archives.
Anderson Lizardo

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