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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Tue Aug 26 09:13:45 PDT 2003

Hi Gerard Beekmans. You said the following on 08/26/03 17:51:
> Anyways, now symlinks work properly within Apache it might make things
> easier during the transition.

Cool :)

> Now there seem to be two options of going about changing the websites. I
> don't have a preference. How about you tell me what you want to see done
> and I'll see that it happens (you're the one in charge afterall, not me
> so we'll do it your way no questions asked).

Well with great power comes great responsibility :)

I've made all website-related changes I intended to make which are 
within my capabilities. I want to have the news archive working because 
this requires some script changes to the current 
which I'd rather not test with the official site. But once that is 
stable, we can move the current website to /old and install the new one.
Hopefully in a couple of days...

The other outstanding issues on the todo list can be taken care of later 
and don't require as much testing. Allthough I would like to test my 
converted templates of bugzilla, swish and mailman, because my todo list 
is otherwise allmost empty (and this is the last week before I have 
classes again).

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