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  Website todo: add status to the hints/patches file lists. Removed useless style declaration from the general FAQ.
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  @@ -18,7 +18,8 @@
   		<p><em>Status: <strong>done (except for news archiving)</strong>. See <a href="">Anderson Lizardo's perl script</a>.</em></p>
   		<h5>Bugzilla script</h5>
   		<p>Write a script which feeds Bugzilla messages into the project's newspages. The information which needs to be extracted is the same (who, when and what bug is reported). Additionally, it should contain a link to the bug page. This script should be triggered whenever Bugzilla changes (a bug is added, resolved, commented etc.). This way, active LFS'ers can read the website daily, be aware of the current state of LFS and be able to directly comment on bugs. </p>
  -		<p><em>Status: <strong>no solution yet</strong>. I haven't found a script yet which can extract this information. Again, please <a href="">e-mail the website list</a> if you're able to help.</em></p>
  +		<p>Got some usefull replies from the Bugzilla developers; it seems that <a href="">fine_whine.pll</a> is usually used for this (described in <a href="">bug 185090</a>). This script should at least be edited so it spits out content which we can use, similar to the solution we've devised for</p>
  +		<p><em>Status: <strong>no solution yet</strong>. Please <a href="">e-mail the website list</a> if you're able to help customize the above script.</em></p>
   		<h5>News archives</h5>
   		<p>Figure out a way to automatically archive news pages each month. This would have the advantage that no news is lost and that the news pages are bookmarkable. Therefore, it should be a symlink to news/year/month.html (where year and month are numerical values of course). This can be done from a crontab. The old news pages are kept on so there's no additional burden for the mirrors.</p>
   		<p>Refer to <a href="">this message</a>, <a href="">this message</a> and <a href="">this message</a>.</p>
  @@ -43,7 +44,8 @@
   				<em>Status: <strong>mostly done</strong>. Untested though.</em></li>
   	<h4>Make the hints and patches lists dynamically generated</h4>
  -		<p>Perhaps via a database, perhaps via scripts which parse the files.</p>
  +		<p>Perhaps via a database, perhaps via scripts which parse the files.<br />
  +		<em>Status: <strong>mostly done</strong>. Untested though.</em></p>
   	<h4>Adjust server setup</h4>
   		<p>We should think about how the current directory can be mapped to the old website's structure so that <a href="">BLFS</a> refers to <a href="">the new site</a> but without changing all relative links in those pages. </p>
   		<p>We should also update the rsync scripts so that mirrors only mirror the content. Perhaps we should also host the LFS and BLFS online books only on belgarath (this shaves off another 8.4Mb for the mirrors). Else we'd have to up the diskspace requirements for mirrors to 10-20Mb instead of 5-10Mb.</p>
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  --- index.html	26 Aug 2003 07:43:06 -0000	1.43
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  @@ -13,7 +13,6 @@
   	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../style/screen.css" media="screen" />
   	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../style/print.css" media="print" />
   	<link rel="icon" href="../images/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />
  -	<style>ul li { list-style-type: none;}</style>
   <body id="body" class="root">
  @@ -284,7 +283,7 @@
   		<li><h3>Help and contact:</h3>
  -				<li><a href="../faq/" title="Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)">FAQ</a></li>
  +				<li><a href="../faq/" class="currentpage" title="Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)">FAQ</a></li>
   				<li><a href="../search.html" title="Advanced search page">Search</a></li>
   				<li><a href="../irc.html" title="Chat channels and nick names">IRC</a></li>
   				<li><a href="../newsgroups.html" title="For following development and advanced support">News groups</a></li>

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