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Mon Aug 25 23:42:20 PDT 2003

Hi Gerard Beekmans. You said the following on 08/26/03 00:49:
> Hi Jeroen,
> We started talking about this, but I got side-tracked and I can't find
> the thread where it started to reply to in my folder, so I'm starting a
> new one (sorry).

It's right here:

> You suggest making /home/httpd/ a symlink to
> /home/httpd/


> I don't quite like the idea of that though, from an asthetics point of
> view. Then you suggest renaming to I admit I'm
> not fond of that idea: i prefer the web spaces seperated rather than
> being a mere subdirectory of It just doesn't give a nice
> feel to it, like it's only a small thing and doesn't even get its own
> area.

 From the outside would be the same as That's the beauty of the symlink. 
I'm not sure what your objection is against this. We get all of the 
advantages from the current/old system (seperate domains) and *also* all 
the advantages you describe below. What's not good about the symlinks? 
(similar links for hints, alfs, patches of course)

> But, I do understand that from a different angle it's much better: it's
> all better intergrated and BLFS (and others) won't see so stand-alone
> anymore (which I wanted to fix anyways) and I imagine it's easier to
> manage all the websites if they're all together, one stylesheet will do
> the trick (then again a symlink from /home/httpd/ to
> /home/httpd/ would work too).

(actually that latest statement is not true - reread my response in

> Also, it makes mirroring less of a DNS issue. Every mirror just mirrors
> everything so we don't have to maintain 5 differnet mirror lists and DNS
> entries for them on the server-admin end of things.

That was one of the goals I had in mind when planning the layout for the 

> So, it does have benefits. Thinking about it and writing it out, I may
> just remove the domain alltogether in the near future.

I also like the and the other ones. The new site doesn't 
prevent that. The symlinks I mentioned is a server-based way to keep 
everything the same from a user-perspective. This is the way we should 
convert to the new site - keep all old advantages and add tons of new 
ones to them.

> So I guess we are set to go then. I just need to email the lfs-admin
> list (mirror admin list) and inform them of the change (and mirroring
> size) but I'm sure it's not going to be a problem.
> But before I can email, can you let me know if I got it all right or if
> there are other issues to deal with (excluding rsync things is clear
> already).

There are some absolute links to which should 
be changed, allthough these can be taken care of last-minute (or later 
if you redirect test to www).
But please note that news archiving is not implemented yet. I'm waiting 
for Anderson Lizardo's updated script. See 
for the first version.

Once that script is in place, we can go live.

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