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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon Aug 25 15:49:51 PDT 2003

Hi Jeroen,

We started talking about this, but I got side-tracked and I can't find
the thread where it started to reply to in my folder, so I'm starting a
new one (sorry).

You suggest making /home/httpd/ a symlink to

I don't quite like the idea of that though, from an asthetics point of
view. Then you suggest renaming to I admit I'm
not fond of that idea: i prefer the web spaces seperated rather than
being a mere subdirectory of It just doesn't give a nice
feel to it, like it's only a small thing and doesn't even get its own

But, I do understand that from a different angle it's much better: it's
all better intergrated and BLFS (and others) won't see so stand-alone
anymore (which I wanted to fix anyways) and I imagine it's easier to
manage all the websites if they're all together, one stylesheet will do
the trick (then again a symlink from /home/httpd/ to
/home/httpd/ would work too).

Also, it makes mirroring less of a DNS issue. Every mirror just mirrors
everything so we don't have to maintain 5 differnet mirror lists and DNS
entries for them on the server-admin end of things.

So, it does have benefits. Thinking about it and writing it out, I may
just remove the domain alltogether in the near future.

So I guess we are set to go then. I just need to email the lfs-admin
list (mirror admin list) and inform them of the change (and mirroring
size) but I'm sure it's not going to be a problem.

But before I can email, can you let me know if I got it all right or if
there are other issues to deal with (excluding rsync things is clear

Gerard Beekmans

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