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El Lunes 25 de Agosto de 2003 16:10, Jeroen Coumans escribió:
> Hi Ricardo Barberis. You said the following on 08/22/03 22:19:
> > El Jueves 21 de Agosto de 2003 12:54, Jeroen Coumans escribió:
> > Mine is 3.1.1 from KDE-3.1.1a - 1024x768 - 16 bpp
> Yes but Konqueror will display it as a list if you reload the page.

I see, the '*news' and 'CVS Changelog' links are shown as a list after F5.

> Visited links lose the underlining (actually a bottom-border). There
> shouldn't be any partial underlining - I actually fixed that bug when I
> changed the link underlining to bottom-border. Did you test with the
> latest testwebsite? If so, can you mail me (privately) a screenshot when
> this occurs?

Sorry, I didn't notice that those links were visited pages, because Opera 6 
keeps them underlined.

BTW, the partially underlining is because of the shortcuts, right?

> > And several issues with Opera 6.12:
> > - the image at the top is not displayed
> > - the two phrases in big red letters at the top aren't links
> > - the translations section appears on the left
> Can you mail me (privately) a screenshot of this too?

I will, but yesterday I realized that Opera was displaying the top image, 
don't ask me why :-)

Also, I can "see" the hidden link that points to the page itself (?).
I'll send you a screenshot with a tooltip of the link :-)

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