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Mon Aug 25 12:17:24 PDT 2003

I said the following on 08/20/03 11:16:
> Hi Jeremy Utley. You said the following on 08/20/03 08:11:
>> Jeroen, Gerard, whomever!
>> I haven't seen hide nor hair from Mark in forever, and the IRC page is 
>> getting a little stale - lots of the "regulars" who might like to have 
>> their nicknames listed don't.  Would you guys like someone (I'm 
>> volunteering) to take over that part?  At any rate, I'd like to be 
>> listed with my IRC Nickname, J_Man.

I've added your name to the list on the test site.

> Please also contact Mark via mail and CC this list and volunteer to take 
> over that position.
> I accept patches for the new website but I don't change the current one. 
> If you're uncomfortable with XHTML, just send the new IRC list and I'll 
> convert it myself.

Mark, if you OK it, I'll list Jeremy as the new IRC guy.

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