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  Updated the website TOD: outlined the plans for newsarchiving according to the discussions on the mailinglist.
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   		<p><em>Status: <strong>no solution yet</strong>. I haven't found a script yet which can extract this information. Again, please <a href="mailto:website at">e-mail the website list</a> if you're able to help.</em></p>
   		<h5>News archives</h5>
   		<p>Figure out a way to automatically archive news pages each month. This would have the advantage that no news is lost and that the news pages are bookmarkable. Therefore, it should be a symlink to news/year/month.html (where year and month are numerical values of course). This can be done from a crontab. The old news pages are kept on so there's no additional burden for the mirrors.</p>
  -		<p>I'm not sure how the archives should be generated nor how they should look. Probably project-specific newsarchives and one general newsarchive.</p>
  +		<p>Refer to <a href="">this message</a> and <a href="">this message</a>.</p>
  +		<p>News should be kept seperate from the html files and added to them via a script. Each section gets their own news file, called news-YYYY.txt, where YYYY is the current year. All news from a project will be added to this file and a new file will be used for each year. The current newsfile will be parsed by the newsarchiving script. This script should fulfill the following functions:</p>
  +		<ol>
  +			<li>Create a newspage with the five last news entries from the project-specific and general news resources (these will form the project front pages - <a href="lfs/news.html">example</a>. This function should also create bookmarkable links to the news archive with each newsitem. The current newspage (for example lfs/news.html) is actually a symlink to the archives (news/lfs/YYYY/MM.html). This symlink should be recreated each month by the script.</li>
  +			<li>Generate the news archive. It should (1) convert relative links to absolute links (for example: ../lfs/stable.html should become and (2) split news in the following URL: for general news and for project-specific news. </li>
  +		</ol>
   		<p><em>Status: <strong>in progress</strong>.  Anderson Lizardo is working on a perl script which intends to achieve this.</em></p>
   	<h4>Convert hard-coded pages</h4>
   		<p>Next to the scripts there are a couple of pages which need to be converted to using the new design's layout. These are:</p>

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