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>   Updated the hints format rules and submission guidelines according to the latest specs by Tushar. Also integrated his comments on this and spell fixes. Renamed a rather long menu entry to just Write a hint. Small adjustments to the lfs packages page and the website's acknowledgements.
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>   +	<li>Hints should be reserved for things that cannot be included into the book. Hints that relate to installation of packages and which would easily fit into the book (usually the BLFS book) should be submitted to the relevant development list.  We reserve the instructions and basic configuration for the book and leave the additional stuff such as advanced configuration and detailed explainations in a hint. If you are conversant with docbook and XML, then feel free to submit a patch to the current CVS Book version. If not, submit a text file matching the current format of the book and a book editor will do the neccessary modifications. </li>



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