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Sun Aug 24 15:49:34 PDT 2003

Hi Martyn J. Pearce. You said the following on 08/24/03 19:44:
> Greetings Jeroen,
>>Is this possible with
> Currently, no.  It may be in the future, but I'm afraid the cvs2cl is
> currently in maintenance mode, and it'll likely be a little while before real
> development is done on it again :-(  I have logged this as a bug (#53).

Okay no problem. We've hacked around the current limitations (see below).

> I'm no expert in XSLT, however, I have knocked up a starting example, which I
> attach, which gives the above format.  I've also posted it on the red-bean
> site.  If you enhance/improve this, and don't mind sharing, please copy me ---
> I'll post the improved version, too!  The attached worked with:

One of the website's co-developers tried an XSLT too, however found it 
too hard to extract the necessary information in the format we want. 
Instead, he created a perl script to do all of this. You can find it at, and you're free to 
link to it or include it on the website (it's GPL). Example output is at
I'll see if we can use the XSLT you provided but it seems it's a bit 
redundant now... sorry about that! :)

> Cheers,
> Mx.

Thanks for the response,

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