Draft of archive_news.pl script

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at yahoo.com.br
Sat Aug 23 13:31:43 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> We have currently 4 newspages: LFS, BLFS, hints and ALFS, of which
> LFS and BLFS generate the most news. So for the archiving, what about
> this:
> www/test/news/{b}lfs/YYYY/MM/index.html
> and for hints and ALFS perhaps:
> www/test/news/{alfs,hints}/YYYY/Q{1-4}/index.html
> where the index.html of this month is actually the respective
> news.html (symlinked)

I was thinking that you are desiring a "hard" archiving... This wasn't 
planned on TODO! :-P

So, the method described above works like a bookmark system, and all 
news will be kept on their respective news.html (the most recent news 
will just be added to it), right? Is there not the risk of the 
news.html file become too big? Think about it. ;-)

> This would make newsarchiving a symlink matter and people can
> bookmark specific newsitems.

With "hard" archiving (I mean move the old news to separate files) it is 
still possible. I will send the finished archive_news.pl script ASAP, 
so you can see how it works.
Anderson Lizardo

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