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  Added an acknowledgements section to the website page. Hopefully there aren't any major omissions...
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   		<h5>News archives</h5>
   		<p>Figure out a way to automatically archive news pages each month. This would have the advantage that no news is lost and that the news pages are bookmarkable. Therefore, it should be a symlink to news/year/month.html (where year and month are numerical values of course). This can be done from a crontab. The old news pages are kept on so there's no additional burden for the mirrors.</p>
   		<p>I'm not sure how the archives should be generated nor how they should look. Probably project-specific newsarchives and one general newsarchive.</p>
  -		<p><em>Status: <strong>no solution yet</strong></em></p>
  +		<p><em>Status: <strong>in progress</strong>.  Anderson Lizardo is working on a perl script which intends to achieve this.</em></p>
   	<h4>Convert hard-coded pages</h4>
   		<p>Next to the scripts there are a couple of pages which need to be converted to using the new design's layout. These are:</p>
  @@ -45,6 +45,22 @@
   		<p>See <a href="">discussion</a></p>
   	<h4>User testing</h4>
   		<p>Finally, if most of the above is done (especially once the templates are implemented), we should call for as many LFS'ers as we can for testing the site so we can hammer out all remaining bugs and add them to the <a href="#browsers">browsers table</a>.</p>
  +<h3 id="thanks">Acknowledgements</h3>
  +	<p>The following people and organisations have been more than a great help while creating this website:</p>
  +	<ul>
  +		<li>Gerard Beekmans, for giving me all the trust, freedom and resources necessary to do this</li>
  +		<li>Anderson Lizardo, for writing the scripts which form the backbone of the news pages, for managing the <a href="">Portugese translation</a> and for general testing and feedback.</li>
  +		<li>Craig Colton and Wout van Heeswijk for submitting great logo's</li>
  +		<li>Rob Park, for suggesting the RSS feeds and providing the means to do them</li>
  +		<li>Bill W. Maltby, for his efforts to minimise lingual errors</li>
  +		<li>Johan Lenglet, for running the French translation</li>
  +		<li>Manuel Canales Esparcia, for running the Spanish translation</li>
  +		<li>Jeremy Utley, for helping with the <a href="../lfs/packages.html">P2P initiative</a> and his general support</li>
  +		<li>The LFS community, for which this is made</li>
  +		<li>The css-discuss and webdesign-l mailing lists, for checking the site for errors</li>
  +		<li>Everybody else who had suggestions, tested the site or silently approves of it :)</li>
  +	</ul>
   </div> <!-- end content -->
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  --- website-top.html	21 Aug 2003 23:22:08 -0000	1.4
  +++ website-top.html	23 Aug 2003 09:05:33 -0000	1.5
  @@ -49,6 +49,7 @@
   		<li><a href="#design">Design</a></li>
   		<li><a href="#changelog">Changelog</a></li>
   		<li><a href="#todo">Todo</a></li>
  +		<li><a href="#thanks">Acknowledgements</a></li>

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