News archiving

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Fri Aug 22 17:42:07 PDT 2003

Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>>Didn't think about the XML in a database...just write the data to a
>>file when it's submitted in the proper format, then a perl script to
>>parse the file looking for the data.
> I got your point ;-). You are suggesting a structured submission of 
> news (like the patches project), right? It's an excellent idea for news 
> addition, but don't resolve news _archiving_ problem. See 
The archiving aspect is easy enough.  ALL news submissions will be in 
this XML file.  The default is last 5 entries - simply pull the last 5 
entries from the XML file.  Want 20?  Pull 20 entries.  Quite simple, no 
backend stuff necessary, except some language to parse it.


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