Draft of archive_news.pl script

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at yahoo.com.br
Fri Aug 22 14:59:45 PDT 2003


I'm sending a draft of archive_news.pl, a alternative solution for the 
news archiving problem, described in 

I call it "draft" because it is not complete yet. By now, it only parses 
a file containing XHTML code and extracts news from it.

Basic usage:
archive_news.pl --infile news.html

where "news.html" is a XHTML containing news. This file must be 
well-formed XML. Because of this, "generalnews.txt" cannot be parsed 
directly because it lacks the document element (in XHTML, it is 
<html>..</html>). The news.html files created by Jeroens' 
update-site-test.sh script can be used perfectly.

For more information, read the archive_news.pl manpage:
archive_news.pl --man

Suggestions are welcome. I will work now on actual archiving code.
Anderson Lizardo

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