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Ricardo Barberis richi at
Fri Aug 22 13:19:21 PDT 2003

El Jueves 21 de Agosto de 2003 12:54, Jeroen Coumans escribió:
> i'm trying to assemble a list of browser bugs in the new website.
> Please mail any additions so they can be addressed:
> Konqueror (3.1x):

Mine is 3.1.1 from KDE-3.1.1a - 1024x768 - 16 bpp
Everything looks fine, but this one I don't know what you mean:
> - page navigation is displayed as a list, should be on one line

If you mean the links on the top of the page (LFS, BLFS, etc) they're 
displayed on a single line.

The links look a little strange, some of them are underlined, some are not, 
and some are partially (?) underlined.

And several issues with Opera 6.12:
- the image at the top is not displayed
- the two phrases in big red letters at the top aren't links
- the translations section appears on the left

That's all for now :-)
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