Browser bugs

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Aug 21 08:54:58 PDT 2003

i'm trying to assemble a list of browser bugs in the new website.
Please mail any additions so they can be addressed:

Konqueror (3.1x):
- webpages too wide (should be filling the browser window, not 
overflowing it)
- footer images are displayed without padding between them (should be 
5px padding)
- page navigation is displayed as a list, should be on one line

Internet Explorer 5.0 (I can't test 5.5; may be the same):
- menu items (left and right) have a very large padding between them 
(should be 0 padding)
- on pages with tables, the page becomes too wide (should be filling the 
  browser window)

Internet Explorer Mac 5.2:
- The header links have underlining which starts from the left side 
(should be only under the text)

The following browsers have no issues that I'm aware of:
Mozilla 1.3
Mozilla Firebird 0.6x
Opera 7.11
Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1

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