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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Wed Aug 20 09:27:23 PDT 2003

Hi Gerard Beekmans. You said the following on 08/20/03 18:09:
> The links to /stable/ are created in lfs and blfs museums.


> Are you sure you didn't mean to call them "latest"? There are no unstable
> versions in the museum, so the term is somewhat inaccurate, as it suggests
> there is also an /unstable/ link.

I like to think of it in terms of: old - stable - bleeding edge as 
opposed to stable/unstable. I think that "latest" is generally 
understood as "cvs" while "stable" is generally understood as "the 
latest release". Compare to the Linux kernel (latest=2.6.0-test3, 

> About the mapping thing you outlined; is this still necessary? Can't you
> just copy the files from /home/httpd/ into
> /home/httpd/

Actually no; since the subdirectories are populated with relative links 
(for example: <a href="../website.html">) which can not be remedied by 
creating symlinks.

Maybe this would work:
let /home/httpd/ be a symlink to 
/home/httpd/ (and replace test with www 
once released)
I'm not familiar with Apache but I read that this requires an option to 
be configured for it to work.

> Regarding rsync mirroring: you can add --exclude options to the rsync
> command line so mirrors can choose to mirror something or not. If we can to
> force parts not to be mirrored no matter what, those excludes can be
> hard-coded into the /etc/rsyncd.conf file.
> So when the site is moved over and replaced the current old sites let me
> know the directories that should not be mirror'ed and I'll have them
> excluded.

At least and, allthough this still leaves roughly 
12Mb. Cutting out the prerendered books would save another 8MB, bringing 
the total to less then 5Mb.

> Then make sure you use full URLs to access those non-mirrorable parts. An
> internal link would fail when accessed on a mirror site (ie: the same way
> it's done with the archives, bugzilla and such on the current site).
> Lastly I don't mind having the books mirrored, it'll save tons of bandwidth
> in the long run.

I don't mind either, but I don't know how much space is available on the 
mirrors. If less then 10Mb we should cut out the books. I'll adjust the 
links accordingly when that is the case.

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