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  <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "">
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  	<title>Stable - LFS</title>
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  		<li><a href="../blfs/news.html" accesskey="b"><span class="accesskey">B</span>eyond LFS</a></li>
  		<li><a href="../alfs/news.html" accesskey="a"><span class="accesskey">A</span>utomated LFS</a></li>
  		<li><a href="../hints/news.html" accesskey="h"><span class="accesskey">H</span>ints</a></li>
  	<h1><a href="news.html" accesskey="l">Linux From Scratch</a></h1><span class="hidden"> - </span>
  	<h2><a href="whatislfs.html">Your distro. Your rules.</a></h2>
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  	<h2>LFS releases</h2>
  	<h3 id="official">Official releases</h3>
  		<p>The latest stable LFS is LFS-4.1, which was <a href="">released</a> on April 28th, 2003. You can <a href="view/stable/">read it online</a> or <a href="">download</a> it in various formats. You can read the <a href="">changelog</a> to see what's new.</p>
  		<p>The previous stable version was 4.0. We recommend readers to use 4.1 however, since there are lots of bugs fixed since then.</p>
  	<h3 id="translations">Translations</h3>
  		<p>The LFS book has been translated in various languages. Note that these translations were done by volunteers and may contain translation errors which the LFS team cannot control. In that case, contact the translator directly.</p>
  		<p>The following translations of the book available:</p>
  		<table summary="A table of all translations of LFS, together with version number and contact information">
  			<th>Contact information</th>
  			<td><a href="">Spanish</a></td>
  			<td>Manuel Canales Esparcia</td>
  			<td><a href="">Mailing list</a></td>
  			<td><a href="">4.1</a></td>
  			<td><a href="">French</a></td>
  			<td>Johan Lenglet</td>
  			<td><a href="">lfs-traducfr</a></td>
  			<td><a href="">4.1</a> and <a href="">4.0</a></td>
  			<td><a href="">Portugese</a></td>
  			<td>Anderson Lizardo</td>
  			<td><a href="">lfs-br-i18n</a></td>
  			<td><a href="">4.1</a> (tarball only)</td>
  			<td><a href="">Dutch</a>
  			<td>Ellen Bokhorst</td>
  			<td><a href="">See website</a></td>
  			<td><a href="">4.0</a></td>
  		<p><em>If you have translated LFS book or if you are aware of translations not in this list, please <a href="mailto:website at">send us an e-mail</a> with a hyperlink to the translation.</em></p>
  </div> <!-- end content -->
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  		<li><a href="acknowledgements.html" title="Thank-you page">Acknowledgements</a></li>
  		<li><a href="" title="Help us improve LFS by reporting bugs">Report a bug</a></li>	
  				<li><a href="" title="All previous releases can be found here">Book Releases</a></li>
  				<li><a href="" title="The latest stable LFS version">Current stable</a></li>
  				<li><a href="packages.html" title="A list of packages required by LFS, combined in a script">Packages</a></li>
  				<li><a href="hardcopy41.html" title="The printed book">Purchase LFS-4.1</a></li>
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