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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 20 06:49:11 PDT 2003

Hi Wout van Heeswijk. You said the following on 08/20/03 15:23:
> it wil be under. I have not yet had time to do the right colors. I'm currently
> working on another draft (wich is more playfull and includes tux). This logo
> is too abstract I think, but if you guys could provide me with some input so I
> can make a better one. So please look at this as a the draft of a draft.

Try something which integrates well into the new design. I personally 
would like to see a logo which *doesn't* include the header text (the 
"Linux From Scratch - Your distro, your rules) since it makes it easier 
to integrate into the website :-). I love all logos which represent the 
"Linux From Scratch" concept (eg. Craig's recipe book, or the current 
puzzle metaphor). Anything which does this and has a tux in it gets 
bonus points in my view, allthough it's Gerard's call which logo to use.

> Maybe my tux version hits the net by the end of the week so check in around
> the weekend.

Looking forward to it...

> Jason I've seen the colors on the new site but I would like to get the web 
> color scheme (cascading style sheet) so it's an exect match. I'd like to get
> the colors perfect.... Thanks for pointing at it though.

The stylesheet's at http://test.linuxfromscratch.org/style/screen.css
This bit defines the header:

#header {
background: #5e6e7e url(../images/linuxfromscratch.png) no-repeat;

The background color is 5e6e7e.

I'll come up with new colors if the winning logo requires it, so don't 
feel inhibited by the current colors.

> Jeroen thanks for puting it online (if you in fact did that ;)). How was your Holyday??
Jep it was me :). I had a great and relaxing holiday, thanks!

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