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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Wed Aug 20 02:16:28 PDT 2003

Hi Jeremy Utley. You said the following on 08/20/03 08:11:
> Jeroen, Gerard, whomever!
> I haven't seen hide nor hair from Mark in forever, and the IRC page is 
> getting a little stale - lots of the "regulars" who might like to have 
> their nicknames listed don't.  Would you guys like someone (I'm 
> volunteering) to take over that part?  At any rate, I'd like to be 
> listed with my IRC Nickname, J_Man.

Please also contact Mark via mail and CC this list and volunteer to take 
over that position.

I accept patches for the new website but I don't change the current one. 
If you're uncomfortable with XHTML, just send the new IRC list and I'll 
convert it myself.

In the future, once the new organisational structure has been 
crystalized some more, it may be possible to give you write permissions 
to that page.

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