A Dutch translation?

Q ewajacobs at home.nl
Tue Aug 19 01:10:34 PDT 2003

Hi, I'm Emil Jacobs and I am just starting with the things of setting up an 
LFS system :-)
So, because of that, I'm not in yet in all the 'technobable' that comes 
with setting up such a system. For this end, I would like to see a Dutch 
translation of the LFS book, but it will be probably more practical to show 
this link (http://doc.nl.linux.org/GUIDE/lfs-nl/book.html) on your website 
because here you can (or in the near future will) find an complete 
translation in Dutch of the book.
I hope I convinced you of the importance for the simpleminded Dutch users 
to set that link on you website ;-)

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