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Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at yahoo.com.br
Mon Aug 18 16:44:12 PDT 2003


I've decided to drop the development of that XSL script. I don't have 
(yet :-) enough knowledge to write a XSL script with all features 
described in TODO list. Instead of this, I wrote a Perl script that 
parse the XML output of cvs2cl.pl and transform it to (X)HTML code. It 
fully resolves the TODO item related to cvs2html transformation, and 
has the option to enable/disable the addition of the filenames in the 
output (useful to the hints section).

I've attached the script. If you want something to be modified (like the 
HTML output format, or date format or anything else :-), just let me 

Basic usage:
cvs2cl.pl --xml --stdout --usermap usermap | cl2html.pl > ChangeLog

Type cl2html.pl --help for more information on program options.
Anderson Lizardo

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