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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Aug 18 08:07:53 PDT 2003

Hi Wout van Heeswijk. You said the following on 08/14/03 16:48:
> L.S. (Jeroen),
> I send an e-mail to Gerard earlier conserning the lfs logo. My plan was to create several lfs themes for grub, bootsplash, gnome etc and requested some high res logo's.
> Gerard replied to me that there no official logo yet, let alone a high res one. He sugested that I would create one for review and maybe it would be used as the official logo.
> I've come up with something (draft). I would like to have know what colors scheme is used in the (new) lfs website, this way I can incorperate them in my future designs.
> The draft is included in this mail please reply with your comment. While doing the initial drafts I tried to look at the "best" know logo's such as IBM, RedHat, SuSe, Microsoft and more. I can imagin that people might find it to abstract and to much non-tux-like if you catch my drift.
> There are some other more playfull idea's I'm working on so don't judge me just on this one(You may arest, judge, and execute me later on ;-) ).
> Best regards,
> Wout van Heeswijk (the Netherlands)
> ps, I know my english sucks...

Did you forget the attachment? Sorry for the late reply, I've just 
returned from a holliday. Send the logo to me personally and I'll put it 
online at http://test.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/artwork/logo/ with the 
other logo's.
(PS - your English is fine but you can address me in Dutch in private 
mails :) )

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