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Wout van Heeswijk wout.van.heeswijk at fdce.nl
Thu Aug 14 07:48:57 PDT 2003

L.S. (Jeroen),

I send an e-mail to Gerard earlier conserning the lfs logo. My plan was to create several lfs themes for grub, bootsplash, gnome etc and requested some high res logo's.
Gerard replied to me that there no official logo yet, let alone a high res one. He sugested that I would create one for review and maybe it would be used as the official logo.
I've come up with something (draft). I would like to have know what colors scheme is used in the (new) lfs website, this way I can incorperate them in my future designs.
The draft is included in this mail please reply with your comment. While doing the initial drafts I tried to look at the "best" know logo's such as IBM, RedHat, SuSe, Microsoft and more. I can imagin that people might find it to abstract and to much non-tux-like if you catch my drift.
There are some other more playfull idea's I'm working on so don't judge me just on this one(You may arest, judge, and execute me later on ;-) ).

Best regards,

Wout van Heeswijk (the Netherlands)

ps, I know my english sucks...

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