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Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Sun Aug 10 17:23:09 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> > - What date format do you want? Is it supposed to have timestamps?
> Preferably we should list changes by day instead of time. Something
> like this:
> Sunday 10 August 2003 - Jeroen Coumans:
> - first change
> - second change
> - third change
> The changes may be committed at different times.

OK, I forgot to implement this. I will see what can be done with XSL. 
What about the date format? We can use the following:

* yyyy-mm-dd : ISO standard date format. I recommend it, because it 
avoids confusion about EUA/The rest of the world date formats, and 
facilitates the sorting of the messages.

* a verbose date format: an example is "Sunday 10 August 2003". This 
format is good for understanding, but has a couple of problems:
- It's terrible to sort, because the weekday's initials are used instead 
of the actual date.
- It's hard to implement. Look at the cvs2cl XML output. The only thing 
already there is the weekday. To transform "2003-08-05" to something 
like "05 August 2003", I have to parse the date, extract the month and 
do a conditional test to get the correct month name. (All this is 
perfectly possible with XSL, but will increase the complexity of the 
code, which, IMO, is unecessary). A better solution to this, if you are 
interested in using this format, is to parse the output of xsltproc 
through sed and make the substitutions.

> Did you mail the patch to the developers? (bug-cvs2cl at
> red-bean dot com)

Not yet, but I will do.

Anderson Lizardo

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