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Sun Aug 10 03:04:47 PDT 2003

Hi Anderson Lizardo. You said the following on 08/10/03 05:57:
> I wrote a XSL stylesheet that can do the job easily (with the output of 
> cvs2cl's --xml output). But I have some points:
> - This format is different from that on 
> I've assumed that 
> you want the format above.

Yes, that's it - very nice!

> - By appending the filenames to the commit message, some logs become 
> _really_ big. Are you sure you want them on the log?

Yes, that's a problem. Especially because the cvs commit logs don't make 
much sense without the filenames, unless we instruct people who make 
changes to CVS to be more descriptive (I've tried to do this with the 
website commit logs).
It may take some convincing for people to make more verbose CVS log 
commits, but that's a small price.

> - What date format do you want? Is it supposed to have timestamps?

Preferably we should list changes by day instead of time. Something like 

Sunday 10 August 2003 - Jeroen Coumans:
- first change
- second change
- third change

The changes may be committed at different times.

> After some scripting, I've realized that I was doing duplicated efforts. 
> The developers made a great job, and I don't like to 
> "reinvent the wheel" when it's not absolutely needed. And, as you said, 
> use XSL is the right thing to do.
> The stylesheet is attached. Also, is attached a patch that has to be 
> applied to to fix some bugs in XML output. To create the 
> (X)HTML output, just use:

Did you mail the patch to the developers? (bug-cvs2cl at 
red-bean dot com)

> xsltproc cvs2html.xsl cvslog.xml > output.html
> where "cvslog.xml" is the output of cvs2cl --xml.

Yes, seems to work fine here! Thanks for the great work!

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