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Sat Aug 9 12:19:46 PDT 2003

Hi You said the following on 08/08/03 22:32:
> Español

I changed it locally but I don't know if I can commit the changes before 
I leave on my holiday.

> Yes, a personalized logo for each project or translation-team would be 
> nice. Although the ideal would be to have a masterful logo and that the 
> rest was variations on the same theme to maintain the unit between all.

Yes, that would be great. We'll keep that in mind when selecting the logo.

> When I return from vacations (I go tomorrow) I will begin the tests of 
> migration to the new design. If the rest of the team likes it, can that we 
> inaugurate both sites almost at the same time ;-)

Have a nice holiday! (I'm leaving tuesday).

> - -- 

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