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El Vie 08 Ago 2003 21:31, Jeroen Coumans escribió:

> Okay, I will add a link to your page. How should I call it? Is "Espanol"
> correct? I want to name language links in their native language - French
> will become Francais, etc.

The corect name, in HTML, is:


> I like your logo too (are you aware of the logo contest? See

Perhaps some of the collaborators wants to participate in the logo contest. 
I am very bad drawing :-þ

> Your logo
> would also look nice with the new design, so feel free to keep it. I
> figure that if you volunteer for the translation effort, you should also
> be able to put a bit of yourself into it.
> I think it would be nice if each translation has their own logo; this
> can be achieved by editing one line in the stylesheet
> (www/test/style/screen.css in CVS). 

Yes, a personalized logo for each project or translation-team would be 
nice. Although the ideal would be to have a masterful logo and that the 
rest was variations on the same theme to maintain the unit between all.

When I return from vacations (I go tomorrow) I will begin the tests of 
migration to the new design. If the rest of the team likes it, can that we 
inaugurate both sites almost at the same time ;-)

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