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Hi You said the following on 08/08/03 20:34:
>>I said the following on 08/08/03 18:18:
>>>Would it be okay to add your page to that list (and in that case,
>>>should I call it "Espanol") ?
> Of course. Months ago I asked to Gerard if was possible make a link to our 
> website and it responded to me that it would do it as soon as was designed 
> the new Web. 
> It cheers knowledge to me that your intention is to put connections to all 
> the available translations.

Okay, I will add a link to your page. How should I call it? Is "Espanol" 
correct? I want to name language links in their native language - French 
will become Francais, etc.

>>>Do you want to keep your own layout or are you willing to adopt the
>>>new one? Either is fine, of course, but I would be grateful if you
>>>adopt the new design.
> Well, this it is an issue that we must decide between all the team of 
> translators. Personally, I like the new look that you are designing, but 
> prefer our logo ; -)) 

I like your logo too (are you aware of the logo contest? See Your logo 
would also look nice with the new design, so feel free to keep it. I 
figure that if you volunteer for the translation effort, you should also 
be able to put a bit of yourself into it.
I think it would be nice if each translation has their own logo; this 
can be achieved by editing one line in the stylesheet 
(www/test/style/screen.css in CVS). But you're also welcome to use the 
current test-logo or the one from the logo contest.

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