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Hi Jeroen,

El Vie 08 Ago 2003 18:34, Jeroen Coumans escribió:
> I said the following on 08/08/03 18:18:
> > Hi Manuel Canales Esparcia,
> > I noticed that you maintain a translated page of the
> > website, allthough you have limited content.
> > As you may be aware, I'm developing a new website (see my sig for
> > link) and on the index pages I have a list of links to translations.

Yes, I know your work and I like the look of the new Web.

> > Would it be okay to add your page to that list (and in that case,
> > should I call it "Espanol") ?

Of course. Months ago I asked to Gerard if was possible make a link to our 
website and it responded to me that it would do it as soon as was designed 
the new Web. 

It cheers knowledge to me that your intention is to put connections to all 
the available translations.

> > Do you want to keep your own layout or are you willing to adopt the
> > new one? Either is fine, of course, but I would be grateful if you
> > adopt the new design.

Well, this it is an issue that we must decide between all the team of 
translators. Personally, I like the new look that you are designing, but 
prefer our logo ; -)) 

> > Thanks,

Thanks to you for write us.

> (the mail bounced, so I'll forward this to lfs-es, which seems to be the
> "official" Espanish mailing list. )

In the news I use a fake address for don't feed the spammers and put the 
good in my sign. It isn't needed for the server, but never 
remember to change my e-mail.

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