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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Fri Aug 8 09:31:02 PDT 2003

Hi Seth W. Klein. You said the following on 08/08/03 00:36:
> Well, good stuff is actually phrase wrapped, not word wrapped, so you
> could start with something like:
> sed -i 's/\([.,;]\) /\1\n/g'

Hm, I don't like the output of that.

> But if I were you, I'd just change areas when I was updating them
> anyway. Maybe some time down the road when much of it has been changed,
> then go through and get the stagnant stuff. Or not :) Of course, if

As long as the site is in my hands (which is at least untill the release 
of it), I don't think I'm going to do anything about this. Everything 
which is not content (such as the headers, the menu lists, etc. ) should 
remain the way they are so it's easier to change them (with multi-file 
search and replace). So let's just say that I'll accept patches which 
apply word-wrap to the content (everything between <p>) and leave it at 
that :)

> someone came along and wanted to make a crusade of it, well... it
> wouldn't be the first huge cvs commit.

Heh, from me? Well, the site *is* still in testing... :)

> cheers,
> Seth W. Klein

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